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Love and Hair Peace is a speciality salon catering to women who are in need of serious hair repair. We have experience in treating damage from other stylists, improper color treatment, or poor hair extension application. We also have developed and provide successful treatments for hair damage or loss due to female pattern baldness, medication, genetics, chemotherapy, trichotillomania (obsessive compulsive pulling of the hair), alopecia, or any other number of reasons.

Your hair is effected by diet, emotion, physical activity and so much more. We are here to do our best in giving you fuller, healthier, and longer hair. Our goal is to not only make you feel comfortable while restoring you natural hair, but also attempt to achieve your own hairs natural fullness and length once again. Our methods give you a freedom of movement so that you don’t have to feel self-conscious about your hair when you swim, exercise, go on vacation, run, jump, ride a roller coaster, wear your hair up, down, curly straight…just about anything you could do with your natural hair. Along with extensions or hair pieces, we also provide treatments and products that strengthen and restore your hair giving it the same vitality that it once possessed.

We are here to make you feel comfortable with yourself, happy with your hair, and beautiful on the inside and out.

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Cassandra (Cassie) Gould studied cosmetology at the Jean Madeline Aveda Institute in Philadelphia. Upon graduating she immediately entered the world of cosmetic hair restoration due to her fascination with hair extensions, wigs, and hair pieces. Unsure of the direction she wanted to pursue, Cassie worked in fashion doing runway hair and photoshoots for clients such as Walish Gooshe and Joan Jett. All the while apprenticing under one of the top stylist in hair restoration, soaking up as much knowledge of hair loss and hair restoration as possible.

Cassie quickly fell in love and found her place in hair restoration. Having a close friend as a child who struggled with trichotillomania, she found a soft spot in her heart for the clients she had began to meet and help through her work at this reputable salon. Nearly six years later, Cassie has opened her own practice and continues to fulfill her dream in helping beautiful women feel beautiful again.

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