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Micro Point Solutions® are known as the healthy alternative to hair extensions because they use no chemicals, adhesives, weaves, transplants or hair systems.Micro Point Solutions® are made from Cyberhair®, a beautiful, light, natural-feeling hair, that has style memory which makes it easier to maintain the style.

We are thrilled to be involved with such a wonderful program. It’s perfect for those who have found standard extensions too heavy or damaging, or suffered burns from hot glues or waxes. We’re happy to now offer more to our clients with thinning hair, or hair that lacks fullness and volume. This training has allowed us to advance our knowledge and techniques so we can provide the best solutions.
– Cassie (Owner/Hair Stylist)

What this means for those interested in doing something about their thinning hair, is that Love and Hair Peace can provide a variety of specialized, up-to-date, healthy solutions. Additional information about Micro Point Solutions can be obtained by calling Love And Hair Peace at 215-920-LOVE(5683) or visiting their web site at

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