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Hair Restoration & Extension Expert/Salon Owner

Cassandra (Cassie) Angelucci is a seasoned hair stylist and cosmetic hair restoration expert with 17 years of experience. Graduating from Jean Madeline Cosmetology School in Philadelphia, PA, she embarked on her journey in the world of hair care.

In July of 2011, Cassie realized her entrepreneurial dream by opening her own salon, where she has since been dedicated to transforming the lives of her clients through innovative hair solutions.

Beyond her salon, Cassie's expertise extends into education, becoming a sought-after instructor for various hair replacement methods, including extensions and hairpiece attachment. Her commitment to advancing the industry is evident through her teaching engagements at prestigious institutions such as the American Hairloss Council, International Hair Goods, and International Designs Corporation.

Notably, Cassie has been an advocate for those dealing with trichotillomania, sharing her knowledge with fellow professionals to raise awareness and promote understanding of this condition. Her personal journey, driven by her own experiences with hair issues, fuels her passion to empower women, helping them regain confidence and embrace their beauty. Cassie Angelucci stands as a beacon in the realm of hair care, combining skill, education, and compassion to make a meaningful impact.


Master Colorist/ Hairstylist

A graduate of Rizzeri’s Aveda School for Beauty and Wellness, Kate has been a prominent figure in the beauty industry since 2005. During her first four years as an apprentice, she diligently refined her skills to become a talented and versatile stylist. Joining Love and Hair Peace in 2016 was a pivotal move for Kate, adding a new dimension to her skillset. Under the mentorship of Cassie, she delved into diverse methods of hair replacement and extension techniques, which evoked a creative spirit that challenges traditional boundaries.

Specializing in color, Kate understands the importance of thorough consultations with her guests to ensure a complete understanding before proceeding with their services. Her expertise in color theory allows her to create stunning tonal colors while maintaining hair’s integrity. Proficient in blowouts and a vast array of haircuts, Kate excels in techniques that complement face shapes, hair density, and natural texture.

The salon isn't just a workplace for Kate—it's a family. From sharing life stories to navigating the ever-changing landscape of hair trends, Kate genuinely cherishes her career and the personal connections it allows her to create. While she might not remember which side you part your hair on, she'll certainly make sure it looks fabulous!


Hairstylist/ Hair Replacement Specialist

After graduating from beauty school, Ronnie began her career as a stylist at Love and Hair Peace in 2016. Operating as Cassie’s protégé, she not only honed her craft, but blossomed into a hair replacement master and accomplished stylist. Having struggled with her own hair challenges, she has developed personal connections with her guests, strengthening her unwavering passion for women’s hair restoration. Ronnie’s commitment to understanding and empathizing with her guests has been the cornerstone of her success.

Dedicated to staying at the forefront of the field, Ronnie is certified in a wide array of extension and hair replacement methods and continues to expand her skillset by learning state-of-the-art techniques. She has earned recognition as a featured stylist for Hairtalk and has shared her expertise by teaching for the revered American Hair Loss Council.

What truly drives Ronnie is the profound sense of fulfillment derived from empowering women to embrace their beauty. Through her transformative work, she not only revitalizes hair but uplifts spirits, making each client's experience truly memorable.



Olivia is a seasoned professional in the hair industry since 2008 and a proud graduate of the Jean Madeline Aveda Institute in Queen Village. Joining our team in 2018, she started as an assistant and has since evolved into an accomplished extension specialist. With a passion for preserving and enhancing natural hair, Olivia excels in infusing style and creativity through top-quality hair extensions. She holds certifications in various extension methods and demonstrates proficiency in dreadlock creation and maintenance. Olivia's warm and welcoming vibe, coupled with her ability to create a safe space, allows her to attentively understand and fulfill her guests' hair goals and dreams.


Apprentice/Junior Stylist

Diamond is a passionate hairstylist whose journey into the world of hair began at a young age, fueling her creativity through personal experimentation with colors and styles. A proud graduate of the Empire Beauty School Class of 2020, Diamond embarked on her professional career at Love and Hair Peace in January 2023.

Starting as an assistant, Diamond immersed herself in learning from master stylists, rapidly acquiring expertise in various hair replacement methods and coloring techniques. As she transitioned into the roles of apprentice and junior stylist, she diligently cultivated her clientele base while honing her skills under the guidance of her experienced colleagues.

Known for her unwavering dedication and enthusiasm for continual growth, Diamond is an avid learner committed to expanding her knowledge in the hairstyling domain. Her ability to swiftly develop and refine her craft has positioned her as a talented stylist with a promising future ahead.


Studio Director/Tooth Gem Specialist

Jessica studied at Moore College of Art and Design where she earned her BFA in fashion design with a minor in business. While she does not have a background in cosmetology, she plays an essential role on the Love and Hair Peace team. Jessica joined us in July of 2020 after being furloughed due to the pandemic. Starting off as a receptionist, she now operates as the salon’s studio director and tooth gem specialist.

An aspiring image consultant, Jessica found an unexpected calling in women’s hair restoration. Her goal is a to become an image specialist for trans women reentering the workplace looking to revamp their look and wardrobe. Because many of these women deal with hair loss, Jessica was happy to find position that could better prepare her to provide stylish solutions for her clients on their personal journeys. As is with each of her colleagues, helping women look and feel their best is a true passion.

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