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Hair Replacement FAQ

Do I have to come in for a consultation?

Yes, we need to see your hair in person in order to determine your specific needs and develop a plan of action to achieve your hair goals.

I live several hours away, do you offer virtual consultations?

Unfortunately, we do not. Because we need to see your hair in person to determine your specific needs, your consultation cannot be held virtually. However, we may still be able to accommodate you depending on what services you are looking for. Please call the salon so that we may assist you.

How soon can I have my hair installed?

Typically, we can schedule your install within 7-10 business days after your consultation. All appointments are subject to our stylists’ availability.

How long do extensions/hairpieces last?

Depending on what type of hair system you are using and the natural growth of your hair, you will need to come in for maintenance appointments every 5-12 weeks. No hair system should be worn longer than 12 weeks. Hair systems themselves are expected to last 6-12 months when cared for properly.

How much does hair replacement cost?

We do our best to work with everyone’s budget. Prices will vary greatly depending on your individual needs. The best way to determine price is to come in for a consultation and discuss your hair goals with one of our experts.

How long will my install take?

The length of your appointment will depend on what type of hair system you have and how much hair you need. Most appointments take approximately 2 hours, but more labor intensive installs can take up to 8 hours. Your hair replacement expert can give you a time estimate during your consultation.

Will the extensions/hairpiece damage my hair?

No. Our methods of attachment are meant to restore your hair, not cause further damage. If you have experienced damage in the past, your hair system may have not been installed or removed properly, as most salons do not specialize in hair replacement. As a restoration focused salon, each one of our stylists are highly experienced in hair replacement will take the best care of your hair.

Do you use human hair extensions and hairpieces?

Yes! We only use the highest quality of cuticle-intact human hair. In rare cases, we will use high quality synthetic hair to accommodate individual needs.

Does hair replacement hurt?

Not at all. There may be a short adjustment period if you have never used a certain hair system before, but the installation will not be painful.

How do I care for my extensions/hairpiece?

Your hair system will need special care. Your hair replacement expert will give you detailed instructions after your install appointment.

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